The Rules


1. I hope you know what is TGP. Don't send me your pics (!!!) Just send me the URL of your gallery.

2. Only foot-fetish stuff, bare feet, stockings, nylons, pantyhose and high heels. I will not post any other stuff.

3. No bestiality, child pornography, zoo-philia etc.

4. I am going to provide my visitors with best quality, new stuff. Hi-res pics, no small overcompressed images.

    I have rights to refuse any link that is submitted.

5. No tricky banners looking like thumbs,  no consoles, blinds,  pop-up's and other shit.

6. Link back is required, Just download my banner and place it on your gallery page. 

    Don't hotlink my banner from my server!

7. Don't place more than 3 other banners on your page.

8. You can post only one gallery per day.

9. I am going to post maximum 10 galleries  per day. So I am going to choose the best galleries 

10. Don't forget about other best TGP sites: